The owner of Elite Dreams; started out selling affectionate gifts and accessories to friends and family. Not to long after the owner crafted a catalog. This catalog was designed to accommodate inmates in the Maryland Penal System. The prices in the catalog ranged from $2.00 to $20.00 and were shipped to various Maryland State Prisons. Inmates would order numerous gifts ranging from greeting cards, rose bouquets, teddy bears, jewelry and much more. In one of our issues we made the decision to feature a concierge special. With this special our staff offered to go shopping for the inmates to pick and choose what they wanted for their loved ones and they loved it!

Elite Dreams considers that experience an inspiration; to be able to assist the men and women in that way. Not too soon after the inmates were requesting clothing and shoes to be added to the catalogs. Eager to cater to our customers the Elite Dreams staff researched various designers and companies ranging from clothing to shoes. We purchased numerous articles of clothing and shoes and featured the items in our catalog. The catalog has been popular ever since.

Elite Dreams was initially designed to provide fashionable trends; to include accessories, affectionate gifts, clothing and shoes to inmates in the Maryland area. The owner of Elite Dreams had bigger dreams overseeing every aspect of this company with detailed edge and started sending the catalog out to various prisons outside of Maryland. Then it was decided to take this company to the mainstream after numerous request we are now available via the internet!

Our main goal is to cater to those who feel they want more for their money.

Elite Corrections/ Inmate Correctional Packages

We Appreciate All of Our Customers

We vow to be the link to the outside world when it come to fashion providing opportunities to purchase items that express their own personal style as well as offer items that show their appreciation and love for the ones that support them while they are away from home.

We receive various compliments and praises from inmates. Most of these inmates, Men and Women don't have family or friends to support them and they appreciate a company like Elite Dreams allowing them the opportunity to purchase items that express their personal style at a reasonable cost. These men and women work everyday for little or no wages and they show great support to Elite Dreams for making what money they are allowed to make stretch. We take pride in being the company that gave them a chance to feel as if they were at home again. (that was a direct quote from one of our customers as he reminisced about the Air Jordans he purchased from our company. The same sneakers he had when he was home. Those sneakers are now considered Retro Jordans)

The owner of Elite Dreams founded The Elite Dreams Cares Foundation, this foundation caters to children of inmates 365 days of the year, proceeds from Elite Dreams are contributed towards the The Elite Dreams Cares Foundation.

Thank you, to our support base in Maryland where it all began. We were given a chance and we will continue to strive to provide nothing but the best and most requested items to our customers.

We stand proud being the Best, Independently Owned company currently providing to numerous Maryland State Correctional Facilities.

To request a catalog or if you would like for us to send our most recent catalog to an inmate or to order a clothing package from Elite Dreams please go to the contact us tab.

Our catalogs are soley for correctional institutions. Please utilize our website to order if you are not currently incarcerated.

If you would like to send an inmate a clothing package please be sure to send the memo from the facility advising what the inmate or can or can't have and the expiration date of the package month to the information below. Clothing packages range in cost please look under the tab for institution packages. The packages per your request can contain under clothing to include underwear, tank tops & t-shirts, and socks along with jeans, jean shorts, sweatsuits, basketball shorts, hats, thermal underwear, shoes and sweaters according to your specifications.

Elite Dreams, P.O. Box 2185, Columbia, Maryland 21045 along with a print out of the order form specifying your order. Please expect 2 weeks for delivery after funds are received.

Elite Dreams thanks you in advance for your business and may you conquer your dreams.

Please contact us to see how you can support a majority that has been forgotten. (Children of Inmates) (Inmates Re-Entering Society) (Homeless Children and their Families)