ERAP also known as the Elite Reentry Assistance Program assist inmates upon release with resume building, mock interviews, free interview clothing upon documentation (proof) of a confirmed interview, job placement when available, job reference after completing our program, assistance with completing applications for public assistance such as housing applications, medical assistance, food stamps, temporary cash assistance from the state, and job applications. We will also assist with weekly updates of available jobs in the Maryland, DC, VA area when you are signed up to our ERAP for Jobs notification system.

You may sign up by sending us your email address to to receive weekly job info. You must specify what area you are seeking employment for. For example: Jim Turner, Anne Arundel County, Maryland or Jim Turner, Baltimore City and Baltimore County only.
ERAP will only send you open positions, or links to websites that have open positions. It is the ex-offenders responsibility to apply either in person or online. It is also the responsibility of the ex-offender to follow up with the employer to ensure that he/she is considered for employment.
In the ERAP you will be taught interviewing techniques, resume building, what to and what NOT to wear on an interview, how to follow up after applying, how to follow up after interviewing, sending thank you letters, 30-60-90 day plans, and how to sell yourself in an interview.

The ERAP is not a guarantee but is a tool that we use to assist an ex-offender with gradually entering society. The program has helped many individuals. While we know that in most cases it isn’t easy being an ex-offender searching for employment, we will do all we can to assist with the reentry process to attempt ensure the best possible experience! This takes determination, strong will and a conditioned mind that you are willing to change and you are optimistic about your future. It is being totally honest with yourself about the current state of the economy, your educational background, your job experience and your criminal history. In some cases employment that involves a trade is the best solution to making more money. Utilize your time wisely while being incarcerated so that you can reap the benefits upon release.